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Welcome to World PolyClinic.

Dental World Clinic was established under Dental & Medical World in 2008 to provide dental services. In 2009, the clinic was expanded and moved to a bigger, better site to improve service provision. With the aim of providing a standard quality health service, the clinic was re-branded as World PolyClinic and now provides Dental, Orthopaedic, Eye & General Medical and vaccination services.

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Dental Clinic

Headed by Dr Tamouh Moustafa. Offers aesthetic fillings, root canal treatment, invisalign orthodontics and so many more services
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Orthopaedic Clinic

Headed by Dr Mohammad Said. Offers diagnosis, care and treatment of patients with musculo-skeletal disorders
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Eye Clinic

Headed by Dr Hatem M. Abdelakher. Offers a high quality ophthalmology service including eye investigations, retina service and eye surgeries.
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General Medical Clinic

Headed by Dr Jamil Mohammad. Offers general medical services including accidents, trauma and tropical medicine.
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